General Information

Health management is the planning, organization, mobilization and control of material and human resources in order to maintain and improve the health level of society through the production of health services. It is a process involving interrelated social and technical functions and activities that occur in a specific formal organization for the achievement of predetermined goals through human and other resources.

Administrative work is carried out, decision-making and implementation processes are carried out in health institutions and in all institutions where health services are carried out; analyzes, plans and evaluations are made, information is produced, interpreted and used at national and international level; It is the profession in which the administrative processes for the planning, delivery and evaluation of health services are carried out. The field of Health Management can be seen as a set of technical and social activities related to the organization, direction and supervision of health services. A health manager refers to a person who has the skills to apply health management principles, theories and techniques at the program or institutional level.


Health management is not simply the application of general business principles and theories to health services or health institutions; on the contrary, it should be considered as a redefinition of general business principles and institutions in a creative way.


Health Management education provides the infrastructure for graduates to take part in all kinds of administrative duties in health institutions and public and private institutions operating in health sector-related fields. The field of employment is basically public and private sector hospitals, primary, secondary and tertiary health institutions, Ministry of Health. Although there are organizations such as the Central and Provincial Organization, Social Security Institution, insurance companies operating in the health sector, medical device and material organizations, pharmaceutical companies and the management staff of many institutions can also be areas where our graduates take charge. Academic staff at universities stand out as areas where our graduates can be employed and have the opportunity to contribute to the academic development of our country. Our graduates develop their academic background, theoretical and practical knowledge in the professional field, and increase their foreign language levels, enabling them to be employed in academic staff.

The Department of Health Management is a department that aims to train graduates who can work in all administrative staff in the health sector and sectors with health-related activities, rather than being a department that directly trains hospital managers / managers.