General Information

The Department of Social Work will start accepting students in the 2021-2022 academic year.


What is the Purpose of Social Work?

As a discipline and profession, social work studies the many complex movements between people and their environment. The purpose of social work is to enable each person to develop to their full potential, enrich their life, and prevent dysfunction. Addressing the barriers, inequalities and injustices that exist in society, the social work profession focuses on problem solving and change. In this way, it is aimed to create a society with more equal conditions and better living conditions. In addition, social work; responds to crises and emergencies, as well as to daily personal or social problems. In this context, it is aimed to train professional staff who are experts in their fields to intervene with disadvantaged people who are in need of help or care, who are exposed to violence and who suffer from financial difficulties in the Social Work Department.


What Do Social Work Graduates Do?

Graduates of the Department of Social Work work to develop and implement interventions to solve problems for the individual, family, group and community. Individuals who have completed the Social Work Department Undergraduate program can take the title of Social Worker and take a step into working life.


In Which Institutions Are Social Work Graduates Employed?

Social work graduates can find work areas in all kinds of institutions and organizations operating in the field of social work. For example, a social work graduate can find a job in/at;

Nursing homes and Elderly Solidarity Centers,

Kindergartens, Affection Houses, Children's Houses, Girls' and Boys' Orphanages,

Foster Family Services and Adoption Services Family Counseling Centers,

Women's Guesthouses,

Disabled Care and Rehabilitation Centers,

The Probation and Help Center,

Prisons and Detention Houses,

Family and Child Courts,

Street Children Centers,

Private Care Centers,

Nursery and Day Care Homes,

Guidance and Research Centers,

Health Institutions, State and Private Hospitals,

Mother-Child Health and Family Planning Centers,

Special Education Institutions,

Community Centers,

Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations,

Credit and Dormitories Institution,

Crisis Centers,

Local Government Units,

Non-Governmental Organizations and Foundations,

the State Planning Organization,

General Directorate of Youth and Sports,

The Social Security Institution

and many other institutions/organizations.

The base score of the Higher Education Institutions Exam of the students who are placed in the Social Work Undergraduate Program with a 100% occupancy rate in 2020 is 227,346; the ceiling score is also 396,087.


Why should you be a member of Department of Social Work family at  Hitit University?


New Department

Academically young, expert and qualified

With the academic excitement of the new beginning…

Strong communication and interest with 40 outstanding students…


Curriculum prepared according to the conditions of the day

High success in both Public Personnel Selection Examination (PPSE) and business life with basic courses such as Sociology, Social Work Legislation, Social Security, Psychology, Social Policy, Human Behavior and Social Environment, Social Work Theories, Basic Concepts of Law, Social Work with Family and Child, Social Work for the Disabled, Social Work for Migrants and Refugees, Social Anthropology, Practice in Social Work Setting.


Double Major Opportunity

Student Exchange Programs such as Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana


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